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Adorationis ad Nativitatem Christi Nostri Opus 12

This work is about three hymns that I composed about the nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is part of a larger hymnal that I am writing called Liber Cantici, which is still far from being completed. Most of my Opus, which includes sacred music, will be included in this hymnal Liber Cantici.

I started with "Gloria! Christus Natus est!" in 2019, then I completed the "Eis o Cordeiro de Deus" in 2020 and the "Feérico é vossa face" in 2021. At first, I published my Opus 12 as just the "Feérico é vossa face", but I decided to republish it and add more hymns I have written prior to it. I still have a couple hymns not published, including a type of continuation I have written for "Gloria! Christus..."

Ach Gott, vom Himmel sieh' darein 

Canticum Graduum

Deus misereatur nostri

At the current moment I have more than 10 hymns and 1 mass that I am working on

They will be future avaible