Projects of interest

*All projects listed here will not necessarily be published, are more just ideas!

More Likely to be published

  1. A Mass in which I have completed the Kyrie, I have 20 bars of the Gloria.

  2. A 2nd Symphony.

  3. A Cantata in D Major over the text Erschallet, ihr Lieder, erklinget, ihr Saiten! I have completed 2 movements (with a Recetitative between the 1st and 2nd), and I have written over 45 measures.

  4. A String quartet and Piano Nº 2

  5. A Piano Sonata Nº 1

  6. A Clarinet quartet in Bb

Less Likely to be published

  1. A Lieder cycle over the Die schöne Müllerin by Wilhelm Müller

  2. A Sonata for Piano and Horn in F

  3. A Piano Concerto Nº 2