About Me.


My name is Fabio H. Dentello, I am a composer, arranger, and Hornist. I came from Brazil, where I participated in the municipal band of my city as a horn player. It was an extremely good experience, I participated in national competitions and in regional competitions between 2017-2018. There I taught some of the brass players that still playing in this band in current times. The second experience was when I moved to the United States at the end of 2018, in 2019 I played in the school orchestra, and then in my senior year in the Symphonic band and woodwinds ensemble where I was able to develop my playing skills. As a composer, I started around 2017, when I saw an interest in making music, special early romantic and late classical music. In these more than 6 years as a composer, I was able to develop a tremendous critical and personal sense, as I would perhaps call it, a distinct musical language. I am extremely fascinated by classical and romantic music, I would say that I produce works that are generously based on music ranging from the year 1790-1840. Lately, I try to make my career as a "freelance" composer, developing my songs through my own inspirations, and preparing them to sell. I write and publish them on behalf of my own publishing house "Die Viertöne". About my works, I currently have over 700 songs of which the vast majority have not been published and are more like personal studies for my Opuses, which at the time I write this curriculum are 22 Opuses. Among these 22 opuses, there are chamber music, music for choir and orchestra, a symphony, and a symphonic poem that I have plans to turn into an opera, among other relevant pieces.